Wed, Apr 14, 2021

September 2012 Board Meeting


The Rib Mountain Repeater Association

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors

Sunday, 16 September 2012


Prehn Dental Office 2nd Floor Meeting Room, Wausau


Board members/Officers present:

  • Rich Maier KC9NW
  • Dean Andrewjeski K9PT
  • Paul Nelles K9DB
  • Dave Peters KC9LFG


Others present:


The meeting was called to order at 18:24 CDT by President KC9NW. 


Secretary’s Report: K9DB

  • Minutes of the last meeting of 19 August 2012 had been distributed to board members via email. They were displayed via projector and accepted as displayed with one correction.


Treasurer’s Report: N9ATQ

  • N9ATQ was not present.  KC9NW said he was unaware of any change in balance from August. That would leave the balance at $203.07.


Rib Mountain Systems:

146.22/.82 Repeater:

  • KC9NW reported that he and K9PT had attempted to incorporate the new controller and ran into some interfacing problems with the voltage expected on the Carrier Operated Switch (COS) input. The problem has been identified and several ideas fixes are being considered.
  • No other outstanding technical issues or changes.


449.3/444.3 Repeater:

  • No outstanding technical issues or changes.



  • No outstanding technical issues or changes.


New Controller:

  • No outstanding technical issues


Brighton Repeater:

  • No outstanding technical issues or changes.


Coloma Repeater

  • No outstanding technical issues or changes.


Old Business:


Repeater Linking – Rib Mountain/Brighton/Coloma/Tomah/Irma

  • K9PT reported that he has put up a 3-element Cushcraft beam on Rib Mountain aimed at Coloma and has a very solid full quieting signal, proving the VHF path is reliable. The actual link will be on UHF.


BRARA Swapfest at Colby

  • A discussion was held on preparations for displays at the swapfest.
  • Repeater coverage maps for Rib Mountain and Brighton have been located.
  • Requests for maps for the Coloma and Tomah have been requested from Christian Reynolds in Green Bay.
  • KC9LFG will be in Whitewater the day of the swapfest. He suggested a contact between him and the RMRA station at the swapfest site via D-STAR.
  • K9DB presented several versions of the RMRA logo that might be appropriate for embroidery on shirts that could be available in time for the swapfest.



  • K9DB reported that the September edition of Telemetry was distributed via email on September 1st. The lead story was on the subject of a proposed Rib Mountain/Coloma link.

  • The September edition also contained a call for nominations announcement, although this does not constitute an officially recognized announcement since it was not done on the website or through US Mail. He said he will be proposing an amendment to the bylaws at the annual meeting in November that would make such a newsletter announce.
  • He reported the next edition is scheduled for December 1st, but a shortened, special edition will be probably be sent in mid-October in advance of the annual meeting.


RMRA Web Site:     

  • KC9LFG and K9PT gave a demonstration of cPanel, a web-hosting control panel available through the RMRA Website’s host.


New Business:



Board Member Round Table:



Meeting adjourned 20:17 CDT.


Respectfully Submitted,



Paul Nelles K9DB