Thu, May 13, 2021

August 2005 Board Meeting

The Rib Mountain Repeater Association

Board of Directors

8 August 2005

Marshfield Clinic Wausau Center, 1st floor meeting room



Board members present:

Rich Maier KC9NW                   

Mark Hoenecke WB9YZR

Bill Bergs KC9UC

Paul Nelles K9DB

Non-board members present:

Dean Andrewjeski K9PT


The meeting was called to order at 18:46 CDT by President Rich Maier.


Treasurer’s report by Mark Hoenecke: $1780.89 in checking account.  Accepted as presented.


Minutes of the last board meeting of 18 April 2005 were approved as presented.


WB9YZR suggested that the autopatch line should be dropped in an effort to save the $24 / month phone bill. In the June/July billing period only two autopatch calls were made. This would


Coloma Link:

K9PT announced the Wisconsin Association of Repeaters has assigned a UHF simplex frequency to link between Rib Mountain and the W9LTA 146.10/.70 repeater at Coloma. Two General Electric Phoenix 10 to 20 watt UHF mobile units were recently donated for this purpose. Several systems of linking were discussed. It was decided by consensus to initially configure the system as a VHF remote base at Rib Mountain.


Western Marathon County System at Brighton:

K9PT announced that the RMRA has received permission to place its antennas at any height up to 480 feet on the Brighton tower but no lease back from the ECB.

The RMRA has a 900 MHz receiver which is crystaled and retuned.  It also has obtained a used commercial dish antenna to be mounted to the tower at Brighton to link back to a yagi on Rib Mountain.

K9PT suggested purchasing a dual band antenna for the 2 meter receiver so the system is expandable to UHF.


N9MO moved and WB9YZR seconded that the RMRA apply to the Wisconsin Association of Repeaters for a two meter repeater frequency pair allocation for the Brighton site. Passed unanimously.


Voter Status:

WB9YZR reported that a professional cabinet for the LDG Electronics voter was purchased,and the voter circuitry has been installed in it. The voter is res decady to go.


Six-Meter Repeater:

Several renovations to the six-meter repeater were discussed. However it was decided that for now this is to be a lower priority project than the 2 meter or 440 systems.


Tower Strobe Noise and Possible Antenna Changes:

There were some recent repairs done to the strobes at the antenna level, but there has been apparently no change in RFI. Other solutions are being pursued.


Grant Application Process Update:

K9DB reported that the WVRA president announced at the August meeting that their fundraising for the 147.135 repeater move has been completed and that the WVRA will no longer be pursuing funding from the major Wausau foundations at this time.


Planning for Annual Meeting:

Date set for in the 5th the first Saturday. Several options in lieu of a speaker including an RF Clinic were discussed.


Banking Issues:

Issues with bank have been resolved. Treasurer was not getting the monthly statements. He contacted the bank and they revised their information with his name and address.



Meeting adjourned circa.


Respectfully Submitted,



Paul Nelles K9DB