Sat, May 15, 2021

September 2001 Board Meeting

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting of

The Rib Mountain Repeater Association

23 September 2001

Weston Municipal Safety Building, Weston Wisconsin


The meeting was called to order at 19:12 by President KC9NW.


Present were, K9PT, N9NQQ, K9DB, and KC9NW.


The reading of the minutes of the previous meeting and the Treasurer’s report were not given due to the absence of KC9UC who was at Radio Expo in Grayslake, Il.


Old and New Business:


Former RMRA member and ARRL official Bart Janke W9JJ has offered to handle the RMRA’s vanity callsign request for the W9BCC memorial call. KC9NW said he will contact him by telephone tomorrow.


K9DB reported that the grant request drafting is still in progress. The fact that the new tower has been erected will force changes in the wording of the request. K9PT presented an itemized list of equipment for several different repeater configurations. After a lengthy discussion, it was decided to submit the proposal with a “worst case” i.e., the most expensive, configuration. It was decided to include an additional VHF power amplifier and a similar UHF amplifier in the proposal. KC9UC will provide model numbers and price estimates.


K9PT reported that the Micor power amplifier that was on the 146.82 repeater has malfunctioned and was removed for repair. The system is currently running on the old Spectrum Communications transmitter.


K9PT reported that he obtained a six through ten meter Motorola transmitter and receiver combination that had belonged to the Wausau Transit System. He obtained this unit at a surplus auction for $20 of his personal funds. This system could be configured into a ten meter repeater using split transmit and receive antennas. The consensus of the Board was to let K9PT pursue the construction of this repeater, without any expenditure of club funds.


K9DB outlined several proposed changes to the by-laws that he would like to see the Board recommend in time for the general membership meeting in November.

  • The first change will make the mailing of ballots for the election of officers optional if five or fewer nominations are received.
  • The second change will affect the requirement for the call for nominations for the Board. It will make an posting of the call on the RMRA’s Internet website sufficient, and an additional mailing optional.
  • A third change will modify the RMRA logo so the stylization of the towers on the mountain be consistent with the new candelabra and the final configuration of the towers.

K9DB will draft these amendments and distribute them to the Board members via e-mail. If approved by all members, these proposals will be posted on the RMRA website before the general membership meeting.


It was decided that the program for the general membership meeting should be on the new Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP) interface on the 440.30 MHz repeater. K9PT and KC9NW will give the presentation.




Meeting adjourned at 21:00.


Respectfully submitted,


Paul Nelles K9DB